Posted on December 16, 2016 at 4:02 am

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Raman Handa turns producer!

Actor Ramman Handa who did “Rakhi ka Swayamber” and few other TV shows is making a comeback on television. And this time, he will be on the production side of things. When contacted, Ramman confirmed the news,

“Yes, I am turning a producer. It was my childhood dream to be a producer, and I was waiting for a good project and concept. The name of my production house is Natak Entertainment. Natak is a word which everyone can relate to films. Natak in English is acting. So I think this word is completely apt for the production house’s name. It was just a random name which popped into my head and plus it was easy. ”


Talking about his business partner, he reveals,

“I am partnering with Gaurang Sadarangani in this venture. He is an industrialist and also my astrology client. So, when I thought about the comfort level, he was the only person who came into my mind. He was also very keen to work with me and in a short time we made the decision of opening a production house.”

About the kind of projects Ramman plans to work on, he says,

“We are planning on making feature films. But big projects are not possible yet. So, currently we are focusing on small music videos and webisodes. After this we will try for feature films and TV. We have also approached a channel with a concept. Let’s see what happens.”

An ambitious artist, Ramman says it is his passion for good work that keeps him driven,

“Well, everyone has to be ambitious regarding their work. And I am like this since childhood. I am very passionate and it feels really good to be like this, because I am from a family where no one could have imagined that I will enter the media industry. We are three brothers and I am the only one who has this vision. I don’t want my kids and the coming generation to suffer the way I did. So I have to work hard!”