Posted on December 23, 2016 at 1:31 am

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#OldisGold: Old tunes get remixed – the new age?

So I don’t know about anyone else but the three videos shown below were recycled and as much as I like the new version I also love and will always enjoy the old version. But honestly, the music is always a hit then the film story in India, so why are creators taking old songs and remaking them? Have they run out of ideas to make new tracks, new sound or just run out of lyrics? (Scratches Head)

Growing up around music in my family as my father was a radio host we always heard the old version of these three songs on repeat that we knew every single lyric to the tune and now hearing that a new version is created and kindy catchy while folks enjoy it kind makes me scratch my head a bit and wonders why remake the tune- don’t get me wrong I am not bashing the tracks whatsoever. But are creators only doing the remake version for its marketing purpose because they know it will sell or have they run out of ideas to make songs for the films they producer or direct? Well we will never find out the real reason for it, will we?

Check out the recent three tunes which have been remade and its old version! Tell us which is your favorite track below! Or as my father would say, #OldisGold! VOTE BELOW!

Bombay – Humma Humma

Ok Jaanu – Humma Humma:

Qurbani – Laila O Laiila

Laila Main Laila – Raees

Sara Zamana Haseeno Ka Deewaana

Haseeno Ka Deewana – Kaabil