Posted on December 1, 2016 at 5:43 am

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Its time to fall in-love with Channa Mereya and Teri Ore once again!

I am more than positive a lot of us still have Channa Mereya on repeat this very moment, and here’s just another version of the track to add to your playlist! Not only that though, these guys have combined it with another favorite- Teri Ore.


Samaa is a group of five individuals from five regions, speaking five languages creating ONE music movement. You may remember these guys from Chai Town: Sidd, Ali, Milan, Ansh, Allen are now Samaa! These boys have performed their passion across the globe and are now taking their passionate career for singing and creativity forward.

Check out the Channa Mereya-Teri Ore cover by Samaa! You may have it on repeat like I do…

So you obviously have fallen in love with them, you might as well add them to your daily feed and subscribe, like, follow their pages!

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