Posted on December 19, 2016 at 2:54 am

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#Exclusive: Raqesh Bapat talks new role!

I remember first witnessing this amazingly talented actor in the show “Maryada: Lekin Kab Tak” as he played the role of Aditya Jakhar and from there I had become an instant fan. Raqesh Bapat is a phenomenal actor, he has done many shows such as Maryada, Honge Judaa Naa Hum, Qubool Hai and now the most famous and unique show created Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant.  He is that one actor that takes the chance at whatever life throws at him and comes out strong in the end, I had the chance to interview this gem of a person and check out the interview we had about him talking about his new show and his role in the show.


How were you approached about the role of Shantanu Kant for the show?

I knew the producer of the show Sonali for a long time and I always loved the show since I was a fan of small wonders during my growing up years. So when this concept of robots came up I felt it would revive memories of my childhood and always wished I was a part of it and I believe that when u wish for something from your heart, the universe gives it to you.

Were you afraid what fans of the show would react with the sudden change in the main character?

I don’t know, it totally depends on the concept. There are no stars in tv and it’s the character that is important.

unnamedHow is doing the show “Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant” different from the previous shows you have done?

For the first time, I am being a part of the comedy genre.  Never have I done something like this and it’s the most challenging I believe as ones’ timing in comedy is the most important.

How did you connect to your character in the show?

Too new for any connecting. Still, have to sink my teeth into the role as it’s still fresh for me as a show. I am slowly finding my own ground with the help of the amazing team and my director.

What would you say you have in common with Shantanu Kant?

I was always interested in imagination. I am a creative person and look at things differently, making a robot and living with it as your wife, that’s out of the box and exciting.


How does it feel to be working with Ridhima Pandit?

Everyone on the set including her are great to work with, and then we both speak Marathi and belong to the same backgrounds so there is that connect. She is a great actor,  keeping monotony each time is a challenge and she has played a robot brilliantly.

Did you like the concept of a super robot acting as a daughter-in-law in the show?

Its out of the box, we are still meeting the audience’s expectations and the essence in totality remains the same. 

Raqesh Bapat is that one actor that you don’t want to miss out on TV especially in is current show “Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant” that comes only on Life OK, be sure to check it out.