Posted on December 23, 2016 at 12:29 am

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I am open to love: Shardul Pandit

Popular actor and anchor Shardul Pandit is single and happy but what kind of life partner he is looking at? He says,

“I am not into multitasking, I want a right track in my TV career now, so I don’t have time for anything else. The problem is once I take up something, I am completely into it, whether it is an assignment or a relationship. Frankly speaking I don’t understand the concept of dating, like people meet for one time and move on. I believe in a complete committed relationship. I don’t have it yet, but love happens when it has to, I am open to love. I want someone who can be my best friend, looks don’t really matter to me because they fade away and everyone has their own beauty, they are beautiful in their own way. What matters to me is being intellectual, I want someone who is intelligent and who can have a discussion with me on everything, from politics to racial discrimination, from science to spirituality. I want someone who is like me, very fun-loving, out-going and adventurous girl. I mean I would just make a random plan and go out, and not care about what I’m wearing, or what she is wearing.

shardul-pandit-2But how does it feel to be live alone? Shardul adds,

“I have been living alone for quite sometime now, so I have been independent. Now I can’t share my house with someone, so that is why I choose to live alone. Yes it gets lonely at times, for an example I had dengue a month back. I was extremely weak and there was no one at home who could take care of me. My friends are my family in Mumbai who came and helped me. I like my own space and enjoy too.”

Well all good-looking single girls now know where to apply!