Posted on December 16, 2016 at 3:30 am

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I am getting a good feedback as I always chose performance oriented roles: Aniruddh Dave!

Actor Aniruddh Dave always proved his acting caliber with his powerful performance. And the role of Y.A.R.O is not exception to that. Aniruddh is currently portraying double role in the show and getting a great feedback.


He tells,

“This is the second time I am playing a double role, it’s a very good dimension for an actor. I am playing the character of Babloo, an aspiring actor who switches on and off playing Babloo and imitating Y.A.R.O. For me it’s a brownie point and I hope to do justice to both the characters.”

Talking about the feedback Aniruddh says,

“I am getting a good feedback as I always chose performance oriented roles. When people are appreciating your work and they talk about your performance it’s a very good reward. Before taking any show or character I see the different dimensions of the character, the creative aspect that why is the character needed and why people would love it. Honestly, to say if people are liking the show or what TRP the show is getting is not my concern, I have never associated myself with TRPs. I am concerned with the role I am portraying and how good I am performing, in a way that it should be recognized and remembered as no one could have done it better than me.”

Dave also feels in the past he has done many shows which were not male oriented but he has made them male oriented.

He adds,

“It’s completely on your acting skills and on your performance that you transform a show from female to male oriented. It’s completely on the graph that you should take it to next level and beyond viewers expectations. On Indian television Male actors get lead but that for either historical or costume drama kind of shows but getting the title role apart from these genres is highly commendable for an actor.”