Posted on December 23, 2016 at 10:26 pm

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Himmanshoo Malhotra makes an impact with his big screen debut in Wajah Tum Ho!

Himmanshoo Malhotra is made for the big screen. The fact is evident when you check out the pivotal role he plays in the recently released film Wajah Tum Ho. When asked about his part and the feedback for his role in the movie, he says,

“Mine is one of the primary parts in Wajah Tum ho. As far as the response is concerned, fortunately it has been very good. The collections that I have been hearing from the directors, are somewhat close to 3 crores a day, which shows that people are still going to the theatre.”



So, does this mean Himmanshoo will be doing more films now on?

He replies,

“At this point, I am hoping that I get work in films with the same people for another movie project, because working with them was a brilliant experience. I’m happy that I got to debut in films with them. That’s what I would love. Still, I’m open to offers of working in films across genres. I don’t want to restrict myself as an actor.”

Himmanshoo, when asked whats the best thing about Wajah Tum Ho, downplays his part and credits his co-actors for making the film a great experience for the audience,

” I think Sharman Joshi’s acting, Vishal Pandya’s direction, Gurmeet’s acting and also Sana Khan contribution, who is looking very pretty and exotic, are the things that stand out. These people are the reason I could deliver so well and get good reviews for my role.”

And who is his favorite actor in B own? “It has to be Ranbir Kapoor, because I think he is so talented. He does so many roles, so beautifully and effortlessly that he falls in the love with them. As an actor, I can see that and that’s a joy to watch.” Well, we’re glad that Himmanshoo is on track, and we hope to see more of this talented actor in all mediums, be it films, TV or short films!