Posted on December 1, 2016 at 2:40 am

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#FlashBack: Randeep Hooda visited his school, Motilal Nehru School of Sports Rai (MNSS Rai), after 24 years for a reunion!

Everyone becomes nostalgic when it comes to the topic of school. Recently actor Randeep Hooda visited his school after 24 years. While counting on his memories when asked if he was a notorious student, he admitted that some of his seniors, including his house captain, Satish Singroha, had beat him black and blue for turning up a minute late or answering back.


“Ravinder was unapologetic about it, pointing out that I was too hot-headed and high and needed a hammering, the discipline having made me a better person.”

During the visit he discovered that at least 25 of his classmates, from a class of around 40, as well as some seniors and juniors, had gone into the army and a few of them were martyrs.

He informs,

“Ravinder Chikkara who used to run the hardest in cross-country races before running out of breath, killed seven terrorists during the Kargil war before taking his last breath. Sandeep Palarwal was a MIG fighter pilot who died during a flying exercise. There are several others who are commanding officers in the army today, including Brigadiar Colonel Ravinder Khatri, who was in my sister Anjali Hooda Sanghwan’s classmate. He was at the reunion too.”