Posted on December 4, 2016 at 4:21 am

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Fashion is love, weaving us together in a hub as one. One Love. – Sonam Naidu

We all believe that everyone has an identiy no matter what color, size, race, gender they are. One campaign shows the beautiy of it all. ‘ONE LOVE’ captivates the beautiful integration of five different ethnicities unifying to celebrate authenticity, diversity and refined style exclusivity.

ONE LOVE is a celebration of women universally. Yes, Female Power which we all love!

Shirley Lei (Instagram: @shirleyleii)
Shirley Lei (Instagram: @shirleyleii)

It is a reminder that style is limitless. Women of every shape, size and most significantly cultural background can too incorporate swanky yet a sophisticated fun spin on contemporary fashion whenever and however they please to do so. The key is to push beyond your limits experiment, conquer, embrace your individuality and respect those who aren’t afraid to embrace their self being. It is a crucial message to be shared amongst our destructive, hate pervaded and discriminatory world to simply extend and multiply that much needed dose of love through our sisters near and far.

It is a campaign that is surely synonymous with the mastermind sisters behind HOUSE FAROLA
who incorporate fuses of their distinct personalities and lifestyles into threads that weave straight
from the heart. Through bold prints, fun colors, courageous pairings and of course a damn right RAW
morale, House Farola transcends the commercial acceptance of trends, celebrity style influencers and
the power of materialistic goods. Style defines your personal expression … Fashion is love, weaving
us together in a hub as one. One Love. – Sonam Naidu