Posted on December 15, 2016 at 1:55 pm

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"Be technology savvy, not a victim" – Gulfam Khan

Actress Gulfam Khan is a big gadget freak. Name any new technology in the market, any new product from a popular company Gulfam will have it. Whether it’s a phone or a tab or any other gadget Gulfam will always have that in her kitty.


“Technology make our life easy and that’s why I feel I should have those technology with me and there is no harm in having them unless and until you are not addicted to it. I always feel that one should be a tech savvy and not a victim of technology.”

Gulfam also feels nowadays people are less into conversations and more into spending time with gadgets. As she adds,

“In our mother’s and grandmother’s time technology was not so advanced but still people were able to lead their life. Today’s generation sometime goes overboard when it comes to the usage. All the latest gadgets I have it before time because my husband who stays abroad gets it for me. He is the one who always inspires me to use technology in a wise way. I love to read books and whenever I am traveling I always carry the Kindle because this way my baggage is less and I can carry other stuff as well. And also all these gadgets come with good applications which is always convenient and make our living simple.”