Posted on December 21, 2016 at 6:24 pm

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"An actor should never say no to any role" – Sumit Kaul

Versatile actor Sumit Kaul is known for his powerful performances and the last one year was a very power packed one for him. Whether it was Justin in Ashoka or a transgender role in Siya Ke Ram or playing a Bengali character in Hamari Bahu Rajnikant, the actor left a deep impact in audience’s mind. So what’s next?


“Last few shows which I have done I have got a very good creative satisfaction. whether it was Justin or Gyan in 24 or Amartya in Bahu Hamari Rajnikant the range is very wide and as an actor I got so much to learn. All the shades which I have portrayed on screen gives me a tremendous scope and I enjoyed each and every role. The audience have showered their love too. What else can an actor ask for? When it comes to my next project as an actor I feel an actor should never say no to any role. I am looking at something which can satisfy me as a performer and also the audience. For example after my performance in Ashoka as Justin people must not have expected me that in my next I will play a character like Amartya who is a funny Bengali man who is a scientist.”

Apart from acting Sumit keeps himself busy in dubbing as he feels that’s a very good way of connecting with acting. He adds,

“The dubbing which I do for western movies is helping me to stay connected to the art. Dubbing is also a lot of series of expression in front of the microphone. And dubbing is also helping me to run my kitchen.”