Posted on December 20, 2016 at 12:57 am

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An actor should have the full package : Ankush Arora!

Actor Ankush Arora who got famous after he played the main lead Kartik of Trishula Productions is back in Mumbai post his Delhi trip. When asked about his future plan the handsome actor says,

“After playing a character like Kartik I am expecting a lot from myself so for that I also need to be more perfect. I am looking at learning many things at this stage now. For example I would like to learn martial arts and skate boarding. Because I feel an actor should have the full package. I am also looking at learning horse riding properly. Right now I am planning to go to Pondicherry where I know a place which is good in training of martial art. I have also gained weight in this last couple of years so I would also like to shed extra kilos.”




So after spending few days with his family Ankush will head to Pondicherry to learn the new form of Martial art. Ankush also adds,

“One of my dream is to work with Dharma Productions as they give the best debut for any newcomer in the industry as far as films are concerned. And as an actor my aim is to work for the big screen. I want to showcase my talent for broader audience.”