Posted on November 26, 2016 at 4:24 am

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TV folks talk about the Currency issue!

Ever since the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has enforced the new law about money, alot of civilians have been waiting hours and hours each day exchanging their biggers bills into small ones. When the change occurred alot of actors voiced their opinions on the matter and check out what they had to say,


Himmanshoo Malhotra (Naach Baliye Winner and will be seen in film Wajah Tum Ho):” Initially I had to struggle with some amount but yes credit card and debit cards did not let me stress much.This initiative taken by the government is actually great though quite stressing as it’s making people struggle for getting the cash for their daily expenses. There’s no escape when you are supporting your government for a better future as like others I too had to stand in the queue outside the bank wait for my turn. I went for dining in a restaurant and I had 2000 Rs note and restaurant refused to accept as the bill was 1400 Rs only. ”


Mrunal Jain(Nagarjuna Ek Yoddha): “I think Narendra Modi Ji have gone ahead with a very strong move for his larger vision to wipe out corruption in our country. The problem that I am facing is in the use of currency I got money changed from the bank and got 2000rs notes and I went for shopping and my bill was 1200rs and the cash counter guy refused to accept 2000rs note due to lack of change. Every day I have to think before spending money. I wish Modiji had done it in a more organized manner as cash crunch is really hurting.”


Jasmin Bhasin ( Dil Se Dil Tak): “I didn’t really have much problem with the notes ban, first two days of the ban were little tough but thank god my maid had 100 Rs so I borrowed 250 Rs from her and managed for two days,then I withdraw money from Bank. The haste to exchange money has taken a toll on people. I have seen friends struggling.”


Mohammad Nazim (Saath Nibhana Saathiya): “It is a huge but positive move on part of Mr. Narendra Modi to at least start to put an end to corruption in this country. Black money has been one major drawback because of which our economy hasn’t progressed. I haven’t faced many problems with the notes ban but it was hard for me because I wasn’t having anything in my pocket so I borrowed rs 300 from my friend. I felt embarrassed but still ” Har Ek Friend Helpful Hota Hain.” Also when I ate at the restaurant I had no choice but to pay by card and I had forgotten my card so asked my driver to go and get it.”


Laksh (lead Pardes): “I did have issues but I was lucky that I had some amount of money but later like other I did stand in the long queue of the bank though it’s very time-consuming but if it’s for the nation’s betterment then it’s worth. I wish the queue could have been avoided. I feel that ATM withdrawal limit should be 10000rs instead of 4000rs.”


Arjun Bijlani (lead Pardes):  “Cash crunch has hit everyone suddenly but I guess Modiji our PM has an objective. I have no time to go to the bank because of hectic shoot schedules of my show Pardes. I borrowed money from here there even for a basic expense. I am spending carefully. I had to buy some chocolates for a friend and I borrowed change from my driver.   The ATM’s are drying up daily there should be refilling every two hours at least 20000 should be allowed to withdraw. The common man’s life is affected.”


Sharad Malhotra  (Lead Kasam Tere Pyar Ki): “I completely support Modi’s demonetisation. Yes, people are in a problem with this certain change but I personally have not faced any such issue. I have been into completely online money transfer and mostly my groceries and other purchases I am doing with pay which is very popular. I will be in need of cash next month and I am hopeful that things will be ok by then. I have not been to any ATMs as my work doesn’t permit that. And honestly saying the urban people have not faced such issue and we should stop cribbing and pray for a better future.”

Aniruddh Dave
: “Since the movement of demonetization happened people have started facing the issue of having liquid cash with them. I have sent my driver few times to the bank to exchange the money and he only succeeds once. Now I will again send him tomorrow to find out the cash flow at the nearest ATM. I sincerely feel it’s a good move by our respected PM but I just hope the cash issue sort out in a couple of days. I have got big notes but am unable to get the change from it. So today morning I need some cash as I need to pay to a local vendor so I have lent money from my driver. But it every day I can do that.”

Rashami Desai :
 “I am facing few issues with the cash related stuff. Like my nariyal wala guy who gives me coconut water every day I pay him weekly basis so for the last one week, I am not being able to pay him. For him, it’s a day to day income and I am feeling very bad for him but he assured me that he will be giving me on credit till the time the cash flow improves. I want to thank him for this sweet gesture.”

Priyal Gor
 : “Since the time this new law by Modi has been established people are facing a lot of cash crunch. I just wish that the government has the proper backup system for the new law. Recently I have lent some money from my maid as I don’t have the change for two thousand rupees. I am fortunate that my maid is kind enough to give me the change but how far I can survive on this I don’t know. I don’t have the time to go to the ATM to withdraw money. Planning to take a leave for a day so I can go to ATM.”

Hopefully, everyone is getting used to this new money law and making the changes fast!