Posted on November 29, 2016 at 5:06 pm

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Television's hotties reveal what it's like being called a hunk!

Television’s hotties reveal their take on what it’s like being seen as a hunk.


Himmanshoo Malhotra: I would actually not mind being called a hunk. I am sure nobody would mind because it’s a good compliment people appreciate your good looks and good body. I feel that you have the persona of carrying any kind of clothes. Yes the current generation is solely obsessed with the bodies because fitness has become the integral part of everyone’s life and more than acting it’s driving towards vanity and good looks everyone wants to see good looking bodies good looking people and because we act in a visual medium which is extremely fascinating so yes the face and the body does make a difference. Go with natural diets and natural proteins and with lot of hard work. I don’t mind going topless for if the screen demands because I have done a lot of topless photo-shoot and a couple of scenes in the show too.


Vivian Dsena: It is necessary to be an actor first of all being a hunk doesn’t entertain people. If it is only being a hunk then all the bodybuilders would become actors. I am counted in the hunk category because of the roles I have done. I don’t believe in being called a hunk, it’s necessary for you to be physically fit. You rather be an athlete than only have muscles and no agility in body.


Krrip Kapur Suri: I don’t mind being called a hunk instead I would love to be called a hunk. We should flaunt it because it’s like an extra thing that we carry on a plate. We work really hard to do something extraordinary to prove that we can act as well as maintain good body. The requirement of having a good physique is there as the young generation demand that. People get inspired from us and we are trying to inspire them which is a good thing. I have done a topless scenes and I won’t mind doing such scenes. If I have something that audience loves so surely I  won’t mind flaunting it.


Ssharad Malhotraa:  I don’t mind being called a hunk. Being fit is top most priority as I am in show business. Diktha hai toh bikta hai. Fitness is priority but I don’t believe in living in gym. Going to gym is one thing but addiction shouldn’t be there. There are actors who only focus on gymming all the time. Gymming is part of my life not life.


Mohammad Nazim: Gym is my temple. I like to be called a hunk. It gives me motivation to work hard on my body. Audiences love to see our body too. Audiences are exposed to Hollywood so they are used to seeing great bodies. I can’t think of life without gymming. It requires a lot of hard work to work on body. Being called hunk is always a compliment.


Shashank Vyas:  I don’t mind being called a hunk. I have worked hard on my physicality in last one year only. Being fit is my priority always. An actor is known for his acting. Grooming is important. If the role relevantly demands one to be topless I am fine by it. My over all personality makes me a hunk not just my body or looks. Having a good body is an asset but acting is what counts first. If having a good body was enough all the body builders would have been successful actors.


Laksh Lalwani: I have always believed in fitness. I don’t mind being called a hunk. I am young and fitness conscious by choice. In entertainment industry fit body is very important. Acting, looks and good physique collectively contribute in the packaging of an individual. Fitness is part of my lifestyle. I won’t mind removing my shirt if needed for the role.


Mrunal Jain: I don’t mind being called a hunk because that’s the appreciation I get for my personality. That’s a very good sign that actors have started taking care about not only their looks but also about their physicality. The awareness of importance of being fit in real life has increased. ‘If you have it you flaunt it’ because you have worked for it but flaunting at the right time is required rather than flaunting every time, there is a very thin line between both of them. When it comes on-screen yes if required I can go topless for it, sometimes the scenes are even written according to the physicality of the actors which is an advantage that the actors get. I don’t mind going bare chest as I am confident about my body.