Posted on November 25, 2016 at 11:23 pm

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Tarun Khanna: Playing Ravan and Shiva is as different as chalk and cheese!

Tarun Khanna is one of the most talented actors we have on television today. With 13 years of experience, being a part of shows like Avinash IPS, Kabhi Aye Na Judai, and Mahadev, he has also worked in films like Rang Rasiya and Dishoom for producer Sajid Nadiadwala. Now, as he’s playing the role of Shiva in the Mytho Karmphaldata Shani, Tarun feels that its a special chance for him to make a difference in the industry since he feels that mediocrity is being celebrated in television.

He says,

“I have been working in the TV Industry for 13 years and I feel like it’s infested with a lot of mediocrity currently. Very few shows have their heart in the right place. Earlier, the whole unit used to be like a family. But nowadays, no one is bothered about their fellow actors.”

While Tarun is literally honored to be playing the role of Mahadev, his take on other mythological shows is rather bleak. He reveals,

“To be honest, I actually don’t like mythological shows because they require lots of hard work. And in television, no one respects your hard work. It’s not easy to get into the psyche of a God and behave like one. No one knows about them. One can only imagine. I loved doing my last show Police Factory a lot. These days, newcomers work with you for ten days and then start demanding the same footage and prominence, even if they are below mediocre.”




However, The talented actor that he is, Tarun continues exploring mythological characters,

“I’ve played the character of Ravan before and now I’m playing Shiva. Both roles are as different as chalk and cheese. Before I played Raavan, he was perceived as a dark, fat and loud character. But I gave his arrogance a lot of style and people realized that Raavan could be good looking too. I lived him for those few months. However, the current role I’m playing as Lord Shiva is a bigger challenge, as people have a recent performance to compare with and that actor did a fantastic job.”

Well that’s saying something, because actors are usually egotistical and don’t admit that they have a task cut out for themselves.

Still, its the production house that Tarun is working for that instills him with confidence. About working with Swastik productions and director Siddharth Kumar Tewary, he says,

“Swastik Productions is home for me. I previously did Shobha Somnath Ki with them and that role is very close to my heart. Siddharth has been the creative force always, but as a director, he is a revelation. The inputs that he gave me were invaluable. Working with him is a treat for actors because he is extremely patient and flexible with us.”


But on his part, Tarun testified that this mytho show is different. He says, “People have never known about the origin of Shani Dev. He is feared and respected but people know so little about him. That’s reason enough to watch this show. Apart from that, the special effects are awesome from what I have seen, and they truly make a lot of difference,” he signs off.
Well, we hope that Tarun can draw a template which other actors can learn from as they delve into the magical world of mytho soaps, because surely, they are the rage on TV today!