Posted on November 25, 2016 at 11:28 pm

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#SnapSnap: Sheena Bajaj gets clicked by her father!

Actors always love to get their portfolios clicked and it’s not just vanity; it’s actually a professional requirement for them. But the pretty actress Sheena Bajaj, who plays Aditi in the popular show ‘Thapki Pyar Ki’, recently did a very special photo shoot. Sheena got clicked by her father who is a photography enthusiast.

She says,

“I recently got some pictures clicked by my father, Raja Bajaj. He is a great photographer and has been indulging in the hobby since the last 10 years.


sheena-bajaj-with-her-father-raja-bajajAnd how was the experience?

“It was so much fun! Also, the fact that I’m very comfortable with him worked. It’s a different thing that I absolutely adore his work. While I prefer a classy, elegant looks in a portfolio or maybe something out of the box, with my father it was very impromptu. Because generally, whenever I and my dad are chilling, he takes out his camera and shoots me!”



Interestingly, Sheena too shares the love of photography with her dad, yet she’s never thought of turning a professional photographer. She reveals,

“I never thought of becoming a photographer because I love my job too much. Still I’m very interested in photography and pursue it as a passion!”