Posted on November 26, 2016 at 6:29 pm

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Shweta Rohira talks on her transformation!

Anti-Obesity Day (AOD) is observed in various parts of the world on November 26. Shweta Rohira talks about her transformation.


Since when you were dealing with overweight issues?

“As I started my journey and fight with fat, I was very lucky to have my two brothers Siddharth and Salman bhai who gave me the motivation to have discipline required for workout and healthy eating. My mom helped me in realizing that fat is not only a physical issue but also a emotional issue any person who wants to reduce needs to bring in balance in their emotions as many times we eat to relax ourselves. She helped me in avoiding emotional eating.”

Talking on her further weight loss she adds,

“I am still working on myself, have not yet reached my ideal weight. I work out, eat healthy ,at times cheat too as my brother Siddharth who is into fitness has given me the mantra maintain a diet that you can follow life long . Reducing and maintaining is a daily process. I meditate and do yoga so that I am balanced and happy as joy and content also helps you to have a healthy weight loss.”

Shweta feels her mother plays a huge role in her weight loss process. Shweta tells,

“My mom who helped me to understand the connection between food and body. She helped me to release emotional eating disorder. When one feels depressed, sad, incomplete, they eat to fill the hole that is empty within them. It is a vicious cycle that does not seem to quit until one finds happiness again through other means than food.”

Speaking on his idols in fitness Shweta says,

“My brothers Salman bhai and Siddharth who are into fitness and they shared with me all their knowledge and wisdom that was required to have a healthy weight loss. The most important factor in weight loss we need to have a physical and emotional discipline to reach our ideal weight.”