Posted on November 26, 2016 at 6:17 am

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Gilmore Girls Revival Episode 1: Winter

After waiting a whole 16 years and wondering if the rumors we heard were true or not, us Gilmore Girls fans have finally earned our moment. The “Gilmore Girls:A year in the life” has finally been released on Netflix with its first episode being titled “Winter” and we are all excited to sit back and enjoy with lots of coffee and junk food this adventure with the amazing Lorelai and Rory Gilmore.

During season seven episode 22 we last saw the whole town of Stars Hollow organizing a surprise post-graduation party for Rory has she had gotten a job as a reporter following the presidential campaign trail and Lorelai and Luke had recently gotten back together because let’s just admit it they truly belong with each other, after that the series had ended on a happy note with mother and daughter enjoying their last meal at the famous Lukes Diner.


In the beginning of the new episode, it opens with the introduction of the people in the beautiful and intimate small town of Stars Hollow enjoying the winter season and we have Lorelai on the steps on the gazebo sipping coffee waiting on Rory to show. We learn that Rory is only here to visit her mother for one day and has to fly to London the next day for work. Lorelai being not so happy about this plans to make the most of it with her daughter by doing everything she had planned with the given time.


Throughout the episode, we get to see all of the old characters such as Miss Patty, Taylor, Lane and even Luke who happens to be living with Lorelai now and happens to be extremely proud of Rory’s accomplishments. As the show continues we witness the first reference to Richard Gilmore with a toast done by the ladies in his remembrance,and because Friday Night dinners are still going on with the family we see that Emily is a bit cold responded to her daughter Lorelai when she arrives and tries to have a conversation with her mother. The mystery behind this family secret has to do with Richard’s passing and the way Lorelai had acted during the funeral making Emily Gilmore hurt.


The first episode of this Gilmore Girls Revival was full of happiness, sadness and just memories of this beautiful town of Stars Hollow. The mother-daughter duo is back in action and nothing will take that away from us. Hopefully in the coming episode we get to see more familiar faces and also create more memories with the Gilmore Girls.