Posted on October 15, 2016 at 4:20 pm

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Ghungat by Shaveta & Anuj launched their flagship store in India

Fashion changes every day one day this style will be in and next day another style will the new look of the century. Gungat by Shaveta and Anuj have successfully launched their flagship store in India. The opening of there was a success and alot of guests were present at the event.

Gungat is known for haveing spectacle-driven brand that values substance equally. The label prides itself on creating “Dream come true couture” and for blending ancient traditions of Indian craftsmanship with contemporary comfort, twists, and turns.  Some of the guests who were present at the event were Ratan Kaul, Designer Padma Swarupa, Singer Priyanka Goyat, Tarot card reader Poonam Sethi, Entrepreneur Sonal Jindal and much more.

The next time you are in India and wondering where to shop be sure to check out this lavish store and tell us how it was.