Posted on September 2, 2016 at 3:10 am

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Saurabh Pandey and Tiger Shroff have the same younger brother!

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Tiger Shroff’s on-screen younger brother in Flying Jatt is TV star, Saurabh Pandey’s (Krishna in Suryaputra Karn) younger brother in real life and the actor is happy to see his younger brother, Gaurav Pandey play Rohit’s character in the movie. Saurabh recently met Tiger Shroff at the movie premiere and was happy to meet him.

Tiger Shroff

When asked how was the experience he said,

“He is a very humble and a genuine person with a calm aura. First thing Tiger said is that your brother is a wonderful actor and has done a great job in the movie and secondly he said laughingly (and see me in the movie getting my ass kicked by WWE wrestler Nathan Jones). Tiger has a good sense of humor. No wonder that Gaurav and Tiger played brothers.”

Talking about the movie Saurabh added,

“Movie was great just like the director Remo Dsouza. He came up what a wonderful story which is shown in Flying Jatt. My best wishes to the full team of Flying Jatt.”

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