Posted on September 3, 2016 at 7:43 pm

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#GarbaProblems: A few problems what occur during garba!!

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Ahhh! Garba is less than a month way! Tons of excitement coming up. Getting to meet your friends you haven’t seen in a while, dancing all night, embracing the indian culture, taking cute pictures.. But c’ma lets face it now, we all have these difficulties during garba. Be sure to share with us your experience during garba, and any other problems you face!

1.Let’s start of with, when you are super-duper pumped for the day of garba and you decide to get there so early, but you realize they haven’t even started..

2. Trying to get that one cute garba picture, but so many people are around that it makes it difficult.

3. Starting a line with your friends and other people joining, but they cannot seem to get the steps correctly.

4. Of course.. every girls problem, not having enough outfits haha

5. That one person who constantly bumps into you and keeps hitting your foot and ends up stepping on your chaniyo.


6. When you realize someone isn’t wearing deodorant..

7. When all of your jewels start to come off and you accidentally step on someone else’s jewels.. (painful)

8. Taking two pairs of daniya’s but you end up coming home with none.

9. During rass, when everyone has their partner but someone decides to jump right in without having a partner and ends up messing up the whole line.

10. The last day of garba, when there is so many people around it becomes difficult to spot your friends.


11. Getting horrible blisters but you still will not stop dancing because it’s just that fun

12. Of course…. getting taco bus or taco bell on your way home

13. Waking up the next way around 2pm and realizing how badly your body aches

These are just a few of the difficulties that are faced during garba, I am sure there are many many more! Be sure to share with your experience or if feedback on if you relate to any of these problems!!


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