Posted on September 28, 2016 at 9:14 pm

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An open letter to Ranbir Kapoor, from a Fan Girl! 

I was going to a typical top best songs or scenes for Ranbir Kapoor’s Birthday, but its too simple to do. The one actor in Bollywood who comes from a massive film family and has ‘Kapoor’ running through his blood. THE Ranbir Kapoor who is constantly plastered all over the media whether he’s making a film or not…this guy is my heartthrob.


I am often asked, why? Well like any fangirl would say…he is extremely attractive. But what is really attractive to me is his artwork. I know very little about Ranbir because he keeps it all closed in; even during his long interviews where interviewers try to dissect his soul out. But when you witness his performance on-screen, there is no doubt his smile makes you want to blush, and look away. When he is angry, you feel the hard emotion he executes through his characters. When he is emotional and sad, you want to give him a hug.

Ranbir Kapoor isn’t your regular heartthrob who extends his arms out in the air, or only has a few abs to show off. He has these elements, but he represents what an actor is and should be. While I LOVE social media and love seeing all the actors all over it day-n-night, I sometimes wish I just knew them as their characters and not their behind the scenes life. I can’t give any reason as to why, but the curiosity of wondering what my favorite actor is up-to today is really fascinating, and then suddenly waking up to a film poster, trailer, song and MORE is way more exciting to me.


The actor has the biggest advantage for not being on any media platforms and for him the number one advantage is not responding to the media and endless questions about his personal life. Its quite disgusting to see the world asking everyone’s relationship status and not their acting-status. And when the film doesn’t successfully kick off they blame it on their personal life, at least that’s how it comes of in Ranbir’s situation.

What is Ranbir’s situation?! Why does the actor go into films which are different? I can’t answer the question a hundred percent, but I can surely say its not just him who does this. If we look back in time and see all the different films a Kapoor has ever done, a lot were not so ‘successful’ or accepted by the audience, but have become cult films with time. I definitely think today it is hard to take a film that does not do well and some how form it into a cult film due to the fast-pace-world we live in, but I believe people will look back at a Ranbir Kapoor film like Rocket Singh Salesman of the Year, Bombay Velvet, or Tamasha and say, “wow what a performance.” And if they don’t then at least I always will!


The talented, diverse, intellectual, closed off actor turns 33 today and will be appearing in his first Karan Johar directed film a month from today. From a fans perspective all I am praying for is for the world to love this film, and from my own perspective I know I will love this film- Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

Appreciate an artist for his work, not what the media portrays to make of that person. This is all Ranbir truly believes in and he will probably stick with it throughout his film career as an impeccable artist.

Happy Birthday to you Ranbir from me and the Urban Asian team!