Posted on July 2, 2016 at 2:34 pm

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#OUTNOW Babbu Chander's "Gaddi Top Di" featuring Ravi Bal

Another month and let’s just say another great hit from renowned music producer and composer Ravi Bal as he works with UK based singer and musician Babbu Chander  for the first time ever for the amazing song “Gaddi Top Di”.


Babbu Chander is no stranger to the world of music. He had started this amazing beautiful journey has a percussionist playing the Dhol and also playing with former band members with some of the greatest Punjabi artists such as Manmohan Warris, Kamal Heer, and Kuldip Manak.  Babbu Chander is known to be an all rounder person, having grown in a Punjabi village called Paddi Jagir he used to teach all the children Bhangra and also did Dhol classes at all the local schools. Check out Babbu new hit single “Gaddi Top Di”,

Download and listen to this amazing upbeat song by the talented Babbu Chander feat Ravi Bal and tell us what you thought about the song.