Posted on June 27, 2016 at 2:42 am

Featured Music What's Happenin'

Global Party Starters presents Sh** I hear while DJing!

Sh** I Hear While DJing is the first comedy video release by Global Party Starters’ own DJ A-SLAM, based on real things people have said to him over the past 10 years of his DJ career. Whether you’re a DJ or a frequent party-goer, everyone can enjoy and relate to these hilarious scenarios. This video is the first of several YouTube sketches the group has planned as they move closer to releasing their debut album. Check it out!

Global Party Starters is a Canadian EDM group founded by music producers DJ A-SLAM of Vancouver and MC SatsB of Toronto. The Canadian duo has joined forces to bring a new sound to the global EDM circuit. Combining their love for hip-hop vocals, EDM beats, and their South Asian roots, Global Party Starters artfully brings these worlds together with their signature mixes. The producers have already made their mark on the South Asian music scene, redefining Desi sounds for the mainstream, and are currently working with super-producer Adam H to finish their debut album.

Watch out for the original Global Party Starters track “Oh My God”, featured in the background of Sh** I Hear While DJing, which will be dropping next month. Stay tuned and follow Global Party Starters for their upcoming releases!