Posted on June 5, 2016 at 1:48 am

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#Exclusive Farah Sultan's Interview with Muhammad Ali

Today is a very sad day as America’s Professional and well-known boxer Muhammad Ali has passed away at the age of 74. Muhammad Ali was greatly known as an inspirational figure inside and outside the boxing ring.  He was an idol for some many people who have become successful today especially those athletes who are boxers. Muhammad Ali had made a difference in lives, and its’ sad that he left this beautiful world like this. Check out the interview Farah Sultan  spoke on Muhammad Ali’s association with Sultan’s Family,


1. What is your reaction on Muhammad Ali’s death?
It’s a huge loss to the world. we are all very sad to hear his demise who was tagged as a peace maker.
2. What kind of bond you shared with him?
When I met him I didn’t feel that I met him for the first time. we had a family bonding and felt a sense of togetherness.
3. Whose decision it was to bring Mohammad Ali to India ?
It was my husband’s Mr.Sultan Ahmed who invited him for a star-studded function on the success of our film Daata in 1991
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4. What was his reaction when he met Bollywood folks?
Indeed I would say that it was Bollywood’s reaction in which the legends presence knocked them out with love.
5. How was his reaction after meeting Rekha?
When the champion met Rekha, the leading lady of Sultan Ahmed’s second film “Ganga Ki Saugandh” the voice over of the famous RJ Mr Amin Sayani came out and said ” he has the punch in the fist and she has the punch in her eyes”
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6. What was your experience of meeting him?
It was once in a life time experience. I even got to notice his love for children as he use to play with my elder son Ali Abbas and was holding him throughout the function. It was a great experience to meet a person who was picture of serenity and confidence.
7. Any incident you want to share.
When I shook hands with Muhammad Ali, I was just thinking in the back of my mind the critical situation of his opponents in the ring. He is an all time inspiration and would live in the memories of people forever.
Rest in Peace Muhammad Ali.