Posted on May 12, 2016 at 12:45 am

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YouTuber Jus Reign and Music Producer Waseem Stark Have the BEST Azealia Banks Comebacks

Last night Desi Twitter was on fire responding to artist Azealia Banks’ racist tweets towards not just former One Directioner, Zayn Malik, but Disney Channel star Skai Jackson, the LGBT community, the British rap scene, the state of Punjab and all South Asians.
Jus Reign and Waseem Stark

YouTube comedian Jus Reign was the first to pioneer the trending hashtag #CurryScentedBitch—twisting the words of Azealia herself—and brown twitter reeked havoc on the Twitterverse. Music Composer Waseem Stark joined the conversation and gave us some of the greatest Azealia comebacks we’ve seen!

Check out some of Jus Reign’s hilarious tweets about Azealia’s rampage!

When Azealia tweeted@zaynmalik you a dick rider for real for real. Ride this dick until the wheels fall off Punjab.” Jus Reign gave this response:

Azealia continues to use “Punjab” as well as racist and offensive terms like “Sand Nigga” and “faggot” to refer to Malik. She even called him “curry scented”—now all this angered the rest of Twitter and of course being of Punjabi descent himself, Jus Reign isn’t about to let any of that slide.

And of course the irony of Azealia Banks’ nonesense….

Here is when Jus Reign follows up with a ton of Retweets of the lovely South Asian women of Twitter who have posted their best desi girl looks with the hashtag #CurryScentedBitch. Jus Reign thanked his fans for the rise to the occasion and fighting back racism with beauty.

Music producer Waseem Khan dropped some gems as well, check out his awesome Snapchat story dedicated to Azealia Banks.

Then there were the hilarious gif posts that Waseem tweeted out and he even gave Disney star Skai Jackson a shout out for shutting down Azealia Banks.

I’d like to end this super long (but definitely worth it) note with a reminder for Azealia Banks:

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