Posted on April 21, 2016 at 1:17 pm

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"My most cherished moment was making 93 runs for my team!" – Hiten Tejwani

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Television’s reigning king and Kolkata Baabu Moshayes’ prized possession Hiten Tejwani is a solid all rounder. Acting, dancing, playing cricket – there’s nothing this man cannot do. We got in touch with the handsome young lad to know more about his experience as part of Nivedita Basu’s BCL team Kolkata Baabu Moshayes. Here’s what he had to say:

Hiten Tejwani
Hiten Tejwani

How will you define the team’s track record in BCL?
There is always a winner and a loser in a game. We won the last match, so that sort of balances the two losses and has taken the graph upwards I am happy with the success.

What are the injuries you have faced so far?
I had a sprain in my shoulder, but thanks to our physio, Dr. Safia I was okay in three days.

Any memorable incident on the field that you’d like to share.
In the last two matches, the opposition team players came to admire the bat I was playing with. checked my bat. And of course, the 93 runs that I made against Lucknow Nawabs.

Do you find any changes after you started playing BCL?
Yes, my game has improved a lot and I have become more fit.

What feedback have you got for BCL Season 2?
People are liking it and they are watching, specially for the fans.

Do you think cricket still has a hold over people as before?
Yes, cricket is passion and a religion.

Who is your favorite cricketer?
Sachin Tendulkar without a doubt. He’s the god of cricket. I realized it’s not easy to play difficult deliveries when I started playing the game again. If you can hit a good bowler and keep up with a good form, then you have done it. That’s what Sachin Tendulkar was all about.

How is Nivedita Basu as the owner of the team?
Nivedita is really passionate about cricket. Besides being so tied up and busy throughout the day, she makes it a point to come for practice. If our owner shows that level of commitment, then we as players can put our hundred percent too.