Posted on March 6, 2016 at 3:18 pm

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Meet Poonam Preet’s fist love – Flirty Bhatia!

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The very bubbly Poonam Preet who was last seen in Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls shares a special bond with her pet whom she uniquely named Flirty Bhatia.


Poonam says,

Flirty was born on 30th December 2014 and He became part of my family on 22nd February 2015.When I brought Flirty home I asked for name suggestions on a Whatsapp group and we all selected Flirty name because Shih Tzu’s are majorly loved by girls and considering that Flirty would be surrounded with girls and it would suit his aura. I gave him my last name too ‘Bhatia‘ because he is a family member. He has an equal importance like all the members in a family.”

Talking about her bonding with Flirty the actress says,

“Everything about this cute little angel is special because I share a very special bond with him.We wake up together,we eat together and we sleep together too. I couldn’t have asked for a better companion at home.the best feeling in the world for me is having Flirty in my arms. If not Flirty,I would have named him Happiness.”

Furthermore she states,

Shih Tzu’s are considered to be very friendly and playful breed but they are extra lovable with kids since they find kids as one of them because of their size and naughtiness. Flirty is a big foodie and he loves to eat each and everything but his favorite food is chicken, carrots and his treat sticks.I take him for a walk thrice a day when I am with him and when I am shooting I take him at least once for a long walk. I would like to thank God for giving my Flirty.These innocent creatures bring in a lot of happiness with their loyalty and innocence.When I am with him I feel like a child again and there is not a single dull moment with him around because of his lively aura and naughty characteristics.”

How cute is that?

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