Posted on March 5, 2016 at 6:05 pm

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Fuller House Episode 2:Moving Day

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If you haven’t cried after the big family reunion during the first episode, I’m hoping that the 2nd episode will fix that! So far we have seen DJ Fuller-Tanner along with her three boys have moved back to San Francisco into her childhood home after she learned her husband was killed in action. Now we will see her sister Stephanie and best friend Kimmy move in together raising all the kids.

giphyPeople move at some point in their life and sometimes we don’t like it at all, especially at a young age. Well moving day has arrived in the Fuller house, Kimmy and Ramona will be moving in and DJ hasn’t told the boys about it yet! How do you think they will react? The episode continues with Jackson learning that Ramona will be moving into his room forcing him to share a room with little brother Max. He wasn’t so happy about that, I mean whoever is happy about getting kicked out of there own room and sharing it with there younger sibling? I know I wouldn’t like that!

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Each episode has a lesson behind it that relates to family and how becoming a team makes things easier. As Jackson shares his thoughts with everyone about how he is feeling DJ reminds him that we all have to compromise, respect and most importantly be honest with each other to make this new family work. Despite all the struggles and hardships they have faced, at the end of the day family is all you need right by your side.


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