Posted on March 13, 2016 at 6:29 am

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Ep.12 Alex-Quantico

After a long 4 months the show we have all been waiting for to return Sunday night is back, the answers to all our questions is back, Quantico is back and this time with another twist to the story. As a recap the last episode we saw the third bomb explosion had hit at the FBI command center leaving the Bureau with thousands of questions Who’s behind this?

The episode started in present day where we see Alex Parrish and Simon making a statement in court about Elias Harper and his connection to the third bomb explosion. Switching back to the time during their training days a new challenge has been presented to the class of NAT’S to the current class and the class that is ahead of them. The challenge is to do a series of event with one of the NAT’S in the class of ahead of and gain points in order to win and skip the chance to be sent home. Who do you think will win the challenge? While Miranda tries to get Charlie to talk about his kidnap and see if he recalls anything, after a various attempts the twins Nimah and Raina try to give it shot to see if they get anywhere. Will they succeed in getting Charlie to talk?


Coming back to present time, it’s time for the second court hearing. Natalie has come to Alex’s apartment to escort her and make sure she’s safe during her travel to the court-house. As Alex waits outside the courtroom door she runs into Shelby and tries to apologize for all the media and her secret being revealed but nothing works as Shelby is devastated and humiliated.  As she walks away an officer approaches Alex and breaks the news to her that her friends Duncan Howell has committed suicide leaving her with a message ” didn’t have a choice” with a shocker it brings confusion to our minds as who is doing this? Is it another conspiracy?

964c70e2-795e-46b0-a264-ff6304a3c782After thinking hard about everything and hearing all the verdicts Alex makes a shocking move throwing the whole case in the other direction. She reversed her opinion on Elias acting alone in the bombing attacks creating questions in people mind and making the media go crazy! As night fell Alex kept getting these phone calls from people then out of no where another phone starts to ring and what’s creepy is that it wasn’t her cell or house phone but another phone she had never seen. She picked up the phone and on the other line she heard the terrorists voice telling her a location to meet at. Reaching the location the terrorist calls again and in the distance she sees Natalie with a bomb attached to her body!

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