Posted on February 8, 2016 at 2:49 am

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One show to remember forever!

Every year the Superbowl happens and every single year we look forward to what the halftime show will be like because it’s basically the most watched performances ever! Well this year during Superbowl 50 Coldplay, Beyonce, and Bruno Mars did a fantastic job together making this on of the most epic and memorable Halftime shows ever!

Credit: Beyonce Facebook Page

Throughout the performance there was a message being sent by the singers and especially by the band itself towards the LGBT Community how equality matters and how we love them for who they are. If you hadn’t noticed the drum set for the band was all decorated in a very Indian theme and also  Hindi writing imprinted on the base of the drum as a representation.  Coldplay wanted their performance to represent the past,present and future. From the cheering of  the crowd to screaming fans at home they accomplished just that.


Not only did they pass a political message representing gay pride but as a closing Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin sat himself down at the piano and making the crowd a bit emotional he honored all the past performances during the halftime show till this date giving us a glimpse down memory lane! And as a grand finish the crowd around the stadium got themselves involved joining together to create and pass on a message to the world spelling out “Believe in Love”.