Posted on February 26, 2016 at 2:57 pm

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#CruelIntentions: When television baddies rules the screen!

With the culmination of Life OK’s Dreamgirl, television sees the end of yet another epic villain. While negative shaded characters were considered a vice in the past, at recent there are the heroes of the show in terms of carrying the show’s burden. Here are some of the most unforgettable grey shaded characters of all time!


Shraddha Arya

An egotistical, self centered superstar – Ayesha was in love with the fame and fortune associated with her husband’s flourish Navrang studios. Her love of money drove her to madness and murder as she struck down everyone in between her and her illusion of success. Towards the end of the series, she was left with nothing but guilt and lonliness.


Karanvir Bohra

A master of disguise, Viraj was a slave of his illness. His love for Jhanvi – although true, was a life threatening one sided emotion because of which Jhanvi faced innumerable trials and tribulations. Despite her repeated attempt to flee from him, Viraj was simply too delusional to see the reality of the situation.


Anupam Shyam

A self proclaimed dictator, Thakkur Sajjan Singh controlled everything including the heart and mind of his son Krishna. But when he was not able to take charge of his daughter-in-law Pratigya, he was furious. His power struggle manifested into a frenzy leading to the creation of one of the most loved villains on the small screen.


Vivian Dsena

Granted that Rishabh Kundra turned out to be an ideal husband in the end but let’s not forget his evil streak. The man was driven to madness by his ego for much of the earlier half of the show. Along with causing Madhu agony, he tortured himself in search of peace.


Amrapali Gupta

When the quest for love and fame goes wrong, vamps like Tanveer are born. A friend of Asad Ahmed Khan, she falls in love with both him and his money but when she realizes that Asad wishes only to be with Zoya, a chain reaction of vengeance begins. The vengeance is so deep that it transcends generations to reach Zoya’s granddaughter Mahira.

Sai Ballal

A landowner who now owns indentured servants, Kamalnarayan Rajvanshi is the spitting image of evil. His ideals which lead him to believe that owning human beings is a normal thing, have deranged his mind to the point that he ends up killing anyone who disobeys his commands.