Posted on January 16, 2016 at 3:48 am

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OMG! Exclusive new details on the Ranbir-Katrina split!

Social media blew up today with news of Ranbir Kapoor splitting from longtime girlfriend Katrina Kaif and vacating the apartment the couple shared together. This came as a shock to many fans, especially on the heels of leaked candid pictures of the two kissing on their terrace and Katrina’s appearance at the Kapoor family’s annual Christmas party.

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But there may be more to the story than news outlets are reporting! UrbanAsian has learned exclusively from a source close to Ranbir that while the two have mutually decided to take a break from their relationship, a reconciliation may not be far behind!

According to the source, there’s still a lot of love between the Kapoor scion and Bollywood’s favorite bombshell. However, work commitments and the pressures of the industry were wearing on the couple, who both agreed it was best if they took a step back from their relationship.

But our source thinks that their love story may not be over quite yet! With extensive shooting still to be done on their film Jagga Jasoos, don’t be surprised if RanKat is back on sooner or later!