Posted on December 1, 2015 at 7:57 pm

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The Good Dinosaur actress loved being a ‘Badass Tyrannosaurs Rex’!

The Good Dinosaur voice lead Anna Paquin and former X-Men mutant has revealed she absolutely enjoyed being part of Disney’s The Good Dinosaur playing a badass dinosaur and can even just be an extra in Pixar movies!!


Anna Paquin said while promoting The Good Dinosaur,

“I would literally have done anything that they actually asked me to come and do. I was so flattered,” the actress said. “If you could stand in the corner and hold a piece of scenery in an animated film, I would totally have done that. I’m not a huge animation geek but I love Pixar films, and find the emotional stories and character developments every bit as poignant as I do when I’m watching a live action film.”

Anna Paquin voices a T-Rexe in The Good Dinosaur (Disney Pixar) in the latest Disney-Pixar adventure, which follows a fearful Apatosaurus named Arlo (Raymond Ochoa), who makes an unlikely human friend named Spot (Jack Bright) when a misstep leaves him far from home in a world where the dinosaurs haven’t been wiped out.

Anna admitted it didn’t take her long to agree to the part.

“I’d already said yes before they actually told me what it was about. And, I want to say they seemed ever so slightly nervous that I might be offended that they wanted me to be this big, bad-ass T-Rex,” she said.

Catch The Good Dinosaur as it releases on 4th December in India!