Posted on December 9, 2015 at 5:53 am

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10 faves from the #VSFashion Runway!

Tonight the infamous 20th Victoria Secret Fashion Show blew home television screens across the globe!


The show featured six different segments: 47 models, 46 pairs of wings designed by artisans around the world, and 75 different runway looks! But that’s not it, three exceedingly amazing artists took over the stage with their exceptionally beautiful voices and ambiance. The Weekend, Selena Gomez, and Ellie Goulding!

The runway featured ten new models this year and they added a fresh look in addition the the models who are veteran to the ramp.

The first segment featured this years famous style for most common girls, Boho Psychedelic! Tones of brown, gold, and splashes of light color and of course a bit of fringe and headbands. The second segment featured Exotic Butterflies, while models floated down the ramp donning butterfly-inspired ensembles rich in vibrant colors and layered textures. The third segment featured my favorite, Portrait of An Angel. In this collection you will see tulle, silks, lace, and intricate bead work. Feeling patriotic? The fourth segment, PINK USA drew inspirational iconic moments in U.S. History! The fifth segment, another favorite of mine, featured Ice Angels. These girls were cloaked with white wings, furs, and delicate lace. The last segment created an explosion with the Fireworks collection which includes LED lights and actual firecrackers!

Now take a look at our top ten faves from tonight’s show, not all of these were broadcasted on the one-segment!

1. My top favorite piece from the runway is this detailed piece from the Ice Angels collection and worn by none other than Kendal Jenner!


2. Next on the list is this vibrant multicolored piece with royal blue lace running through the middle complimenting her shoes. This entire look incorporates both the sexy and fun factor together!


3. When I saw this flying down the runway I could only think of a magical fairy tale! What a beautiful and breathtaking look. vsshow4

4. Again another piece from the Ice Angel’s collection. This one is very majestic feeling, but the model they chose also gives the soft-dainty feel. Kind of portrays the type of girl who looks like she’s easy to push down, but has loads of dignity and confidence to show off! vsshow10

5. I can’t exactly pin-point what I like about this one, but it’s simple and secret garden kind of feel. This model takes on the Victoria’s Secret runway for the 15th year in a row and she killed!

6. This one is super cool! The Fireworks collection was very loud and you felt happy watching these girls come down reminding us of the days we celebrate with lights and color! This piece particularly popped out and the model herself carried it with much elegance. vsshow3

7. This one comes from the Portrait Of An Angel collection, and this one is just hotness overload! vsshow9

8. The white frills, rhinestones, and black lace create a hot and sexy look. vsshow8

9. Fresh from the PINK USA collection! This only reminds me of a superhero and she looks fan in her gold net wings, and red, blue, yellow toned attire. The red cuffs only add a more heroic look to her attire. vsshow7

10. Bold and exotic. What I actually loved the most about this entire look was the model and the way she walked down that ramp. She carried her self with her own personality infusing the Butterfly Exotic collection she carried on her skin. vsshow5

Which is your favorite look from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?