Posted on August 18, 2015 at 5:44 pm

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Shahid and Alia love their Shaandaar Fans!

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Shahid and Alia have a huge fan following, but they absolutely love their fans just as much as the fans love them! At the trailer launch of their film Shaandaar, the two actors ensured their fans were a part of their important evening. In fact, the two stars personally tweeted to some of their biggest fans and invited them to be there! Now isn’t that adorable?

The event was truly a Shaandaar Evening for their fans. Alia and Shahid were excellent hosts and made their guests feel extra special. Before the event even started, Alia called out to all the Shaandaar Invitees and they even cheered for the adorable pair enthusiastically through the trailer! While leaving, Shahid and Alia specially asked the Shaandaar Invitees to pose with them for pictures, making the fans feel on top of the world. This is one evening their fans are going to cherish for life!

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