Posted on August 28, 2015 at 1:55 am

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DEA team up with Anwar Pali for “Kushi”

Leicester based musical collective, DEA (Dhol Enforcement Agency), are back with a brand new track, “Kushi” which is sang by Anwar Pali and produced by DEA and Nin Matharu. Check out the track!

“Kushi,” is sung by Anwar Pali who is mostly known for his romantic love songs and religious songs. However, he has now stepped out for the first time for an international collaboration with midlands based DEA. Anwar was approached by the DEA team for a fresh new sound and Indi Soor, founder of DEA said Anwar’s voice was what they needed for this track. He said,

“Anwar is a very talented singer and was recommended by a few of the lads in the team. He’s new, fresh and very talented, we directed the whole project from UK while Anwar recorded vocals live in Punjab”.


The song is written by Harman Randhawa, who is born and raised in UK and has been a part of the DEA Dhol Team for 8 years. This is the first track for Harman as a writer and he hopes to write for other artists and singers in the future. He’s been one of the core team members in DEA as a Dhol player.

“Kushi” which is a total Punjabi dance number is one that will get all the family together and an anthem that can be enjoyed by everybody at any wedding, party or happy occasion.