Posted on July 20, 2015 at 3:19 pm

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Yikes! Demi Moore could face a lawsuit after man drowns in her pool?

A man was found dead in Demi Moore’s pool at her Beverly Hills home on Saturday night. The man was 21-year-old Edenilson Steven Valle, who reportedly did not know how to swim. It has been reported that the caretaker of the house threw a party where the victim was invited. He apparently slipped and fell into the pool. Moore and her kids were not home. Moore released a statement through her publicist, Heidi Lopata.

“I was out of the country traveling to meet my daughters for a birthday celebration when I got the devastating news,” the actress said. She added that the death was an “unthinkable tragedy, and my heart goes out to this young man’s family and friends.”

Demi Moore 2

Apparently, Moore can be held responsible despite the fact that she was not home. According to the law, employers are liable for the acts of employees whether or not they are on the premises. Moore could face a lawsuit for negligent supervision.

Our thoughts go out to the victim and his family.