Posted on June 9, 2015 at 11:06 pm

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Imran Khan is back with his ‘Imaginary’ Single

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Well he’s back in action and now he’s about to get Imaginary! Well not really – just in slow motion and this time he is looking for his Imaginary girl! This time Imran Khan – The Maverick is Back! So he’s elusive but Imran Khan is a worldwide venture and the work never stops for him. With a record-breaking 25 million hits and more and tours across the world and a Bollywood Deal seems like this singer is on a role. Still buzzing from Bollywood, Imran Khan went from shooting ‘Let’s Celebrate‘ to hitting the centre stage on a smash hit tour recently in the USA. Having shot the exclusive new video with David Zennie in downtown LA – Imran is always working hard behind the scenes. We wonder if this is the Urban Summer Jam of 2015?



Imran Khan production proudly gives you his next single ‘Imaginary’ on IK Records. Is this the Urban Panjabi/Urban Asian tune of 2016?

Find out for yourself and take a listen and watch the video above and tell us what you think!


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