Posted on June 17, 2015 at 1:21 am

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5 Reasons to watch ABCD 2 this Friday!

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The hype for ABCD 2 has been building up for a while and we as the audience are very excited for the release of the film this Friday June 19!

Here are five reasons you MUST see this film in cinemas!

1. We already know this, but it must be mentioned again how awed we are by Shraddha’s performance in the song, Sun Saathiya. I personally have fallen in love with this track, and visually it is extremely appealing!

2. Hello hottie! Is it the 8 pack that’s hot or is it Varun himself that’s hot? You tell us! If anything you must see the film for this sexy-dancing machine!

3. Varun breaks his fears of heights for his director, Remo D’Souza! The team goes to the Grand Canyon and jumps from one cliff to the other! You don’t want to miss this moment in the film!

4. There’s two versions of the same song and they both are just as powerful! In the fist film, ABCD we see the team perform this song, Bezubaan in the rain on the streets and we see the strength of what a team is! And in the second film, well we don’t know what the song is used for the second time, but it gives off a similar feeling as the first time!

Bezubaan – ABCD

Bezubaan Phir Se – ABCD 2

5. And the last reason you must see ABCD 2 is because after watching a few of these clips, you see dedication, passion and teamwork, some of the most important things we all need in our lives no matter what we do! The ABCD 2 team has put their two-hundred-percent towards this film and I believe we’ll all be at the edge of our seats after watching this 3D Dance film!



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