Posted on April 27, 2015 at 3:08 pm

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Guns, goons and a girl escaping her destiny – Piya Rangrezz

When loves becomes an obsession it becomes deadly, but for whom? Life OK’s latest venture Piya Rangrezz, which follows the life of a rich and powerful love crazy man Sher Singh (Gaurav S. Bajaj) and his beloved Shraddha (Kirtida Mistry), raised curtains at 9 PM tonight (April 27) with a bang.


The show opens up with Shraddha’s parents early waiting on the arrival Shraddha’s prospective groom. Usually this may be a joyous occasion for a traditional Indian family but neither Shraddha nor her family seem happy about the prospect. The story forwards to Shraddha being chased by two men Bikas (Rujut Duhiya) and Sumer (Rehan Sayed) who address her as bhabhi. As the story unfolds, it is reveals that Sher is smitten by Shraddha but she does not reciprocate his feelings for her.

Judging from the first episode, Piya Rangrezz promises to be worth your half hour each day. From leads Gaurav S. Bajaj and Kirtida Mistry to the supporting cast, everyone fits right in like the pieces of a puzzle. Narayani Shastri as UP’s most powerful liquor queen hits a home run with her vicious vamp avatar.


Gaurav S. Bajaj is like a roaring lion who personifies the power and might of Sher Singh to the core. Despite his outward hardcore heroic appearance, Gaurav S. Bajaj manages to careful emulate Sher’s inner lover boy. Kirtida Mistry as the sweet and sensitive Shraddha is like a light breeze which refreshes your soul.

narayani shastri

From their introductions, Rujut Dahiya and Rehan Sayed seem to be the Yin and Yang which hold the balance of the this vast and gray shaded family. While Bikas is seen as the devil on Sumer’s shoulder, Sumer appears to be the misfit goody two shoes of the family.

piya rangrezz

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