Posted on January 19, 2015 at 4:57 pm

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For Czech Player Tomas Prochazka Driving in India is like a Game

Coming from an ice hockey loving country, being a field hockey player was never easy for the Dabang Mumbai’s Czech signing Tomas Prochazka. “Field hockey is a small sport back home. We have a long tradition of ice-hockey and football. I chanced upon the field version because the Czech’s Field Association’s president was my father’s friend”, the talented player said.

A student of economics in a university in Prague, Tomas Prochazka funds his studies through his game, which will surely receive a boost with his stint for the Mumbai franchise.

A defender and a drag flicker, he is captivated with the city, and surprisingly the traffic too.

“I am liking it. Driving here is like a game. It’s exciting and nice. Nothing like Europe”,

said an excited Tomas. Like any other athletes he has his share of regrets though and the biggest among them is that he was not able to partake in the World Cup and the Olympics.

Though the European Cup or the World League is there, which is comparatively smaller, it’s a fight for survival even there. He cheers the German team, the country where he moved to for learning the language, since it was closer from home. But for now he shouts aloud “Come on Dabang Mumbai” after being floored by the hockey fever in the country.

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