Posted on October 30, 2014 at 9:51 pm

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Bhangra singer San 2 gets jailed for sexual assault!

When you think of singers or actors or even asian artist who are well-known in the media and music scene, you would think that they are using their identity to create some good for society and play a good role for others such as fans and people around you. Yet, that might not be the case in this sad story. When we first found out – we were in shock to find out a well-known singer in the British Asian Industry  has been locked up for the next 9 months. The chart-topping musician, who is a taxi driver by day in his hometown of Nottingham, reportedly assaulted the woman while dropping her home on April 1, 2014.


He was a TAXI driver who had been a chart-topping Indian musician who has  become the second cabbie this month to be jailed for a sex attack on a passenger. Dhanraj Singh aka know as San2, of Greythorn Drive, West Bridgford, was taking a young woman home when he kissed and touched her. The 24-year-old was told he breached his passenger’s trust because she was in his care and had been drinking. Nottingham Crown Court heard that Singh was a Bhangra singer and was due to fly to Bombay to film a music video after topping the Asian music charts. The singer will be jailed for the next 9 months and the singer had committed the crime back in April.

Judge Gregory Dickinson said:

“You are a talented, award-winning musician. You have put all of that in jeopardy. “You were responsible for her safety and well-being. “You took advantage of a lone female passenger who had been drinking.”

The judge said the effect on the victim had been “very serious”.

The court was told that the woman had made a statement saying she was “still raw” and was having ongoing counseling. She had lost weight as a result of the attack on April 1, which had also affected her studies and left her feeling “vulnerable”. For Singh, Mark Achurch told the court:

“He is a family man with two children who had been working anti-social hours to support his family.”It was a short-lived incident. He lost his taxi driver’s licence immediately and has been out of work and on benefits since.”


The case comes less than two weeks after another Nottingham taxi driver was jailed for sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl in the back of his cab.

Jamil Ahmed, chairman of Nottingham Licensed Taxi Owners’ and Drivers’ Association, said steps were being taken to keep passengers safe.

He said:

“All the hackney cabs that are operating in Nottingham have been licensed by the city council. “They have been through official checks so that there are no allegations of dishonesty, sexual or any type of offence. From the association’s point of view, if you spot any person you’re uncomfortable with, you can pass that information on to the association, who can then pass it on to the council. “In all hackney cabs, the person is totally separate in their own environment. “It’s a lot safer in their own hackney cab as opposed to a saloon car. That’s what we would suggest – to catch a hackney.”

The city council said that Singh was not licensed by the authority.

Pete Mitchell, the authority’s head of licensing, permits and regulation, said:

“In terms of enforcement, we have staff out in the city centre checking taxis most nights of the week. In addition to this, we run multi-agency operations with the police.”

To Read more on the case you may check the full story here.

But we want to ask our readers as many in asian scene are saying he deserves a second chance, we want to know your thoughts – should he have been sent to jail for 9 months or should he walk away freely? What do you think – let us know your comments!