Posted on April 30, 2014 at 2:19 am

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Nicolai Friedrich’s astounding magical illusion confounds audiences

Nicolai Friedrich, the master of classical illusions and mind reading, performed his inimitable tricks at St. Andrews Auditorium, Bandra, recently. His magical authenticity was laudable, making the show a power packed one. Nicolai amalgamated incredible comedy and mental magic, captivating a full house audience. He made an effortless breakthrough with his distinctive brain teasing acts, adding radiance to the show.

NICOLAI 4 - RJ Malishka
Speaking about the successful event, RJ Malishka, 93.5 RED FM star, tweeted,

“N I totally recommend that the next time Nicolai is in town u watch Him esp his turn- back-time act! Whoa!”

She surely seemed dazzled by the event. Amazed by Nicolai’s performance, Popular blogger @Ghaatidancer also tweeted saying,

“What an amazing experience at the Nicolai Friedrich show! Thank you @agpworld, for the invite!’

Nicolai received an overwhelming response from the audience while interacting with them. He invited some of them on-stage as volunteers. Kids and grown-ups were seen mesmerized with his act. He led the spectators with his magical demonstrations, influencing their thoughts and ideas.

Post the show, fans clamored backstage waiting to catch a glimpse of Nicolai, while others tried striking a conversation with him, recognizing his talent. Nicolai Friedrich surely seems to have garnered a massive fan base in India following the wonderment that he has created among his audience with his path–breaking performances across India, till date. Keep it locked on Urban Asian for more entertainment!