Posted on April 18, 2014 at 10:15 pm

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Koyelaanch​al team faced danger during shooting

Filmmaker, Asshu Trikha, recently finished the shoot of Koyelaanchal which took place in some dangerous places. The shooting took place in remote areas of Jharkhand with Suniel Shetty and Vinod Khanna. A crew-member says,

“As soon as we started shooting, we had to follow a lot of rules as we were shooting in areas near the coalmines and Naxal strongholds. We had to cover our faces with masks so to not inhale coal dust. We also had to eat jaggery and chickpeas to purge the dust from our system”


Once the set was so crowded that the situation went out of control. A source says,

“With inebriated people creating a ruckus, we had to pack up for a day.We returned to the set only to find broken props.”

When asked to Asshu Trikha,he confirmed that a stone was hurled at Vinod Khanna during the film’s shoot,

“In such areas, you can never tell who is a Naxalite and who isn’t. During the shoot, someone threw a stone at Vinod (Khanna).Luckily, he ducked in time. Undeterred by this incident, he continued shooting for the scene. The locals punished the miscreant on their own and we didn’t have to get the police involved,” says Asshu.

Asshu further adds,

“Many of the locals we hired worked in coalmines; they would be intoxicated all day and they’d not come on time for the shoot. Thankfully, we had security personnel in Ramgarh who helped us stick to our schedule.”

Koyelaanchal is slated for 9th May release, so stay tuned for more updates!