Posted on March 1, 2014 at 1:22 am

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Superwoman sings for ‘Gulaab Gang’!

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Superwoman seems to be taking the world and India by storm! Recently she has been in India for shows and meeting with major celebs! Celebrating the power of women, the makers of ‘Gulaab Gang’ have released a promotional song ‘Mauj Ki Malharein’.

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Check out the video for yourself as she teams up with with the makers of Gulaab Gang!

The unique song features the raging YouTube sensation, Lilly Singh, popularly known as Superwoman. ‘Mauj Ki Malharein’ is a melodious union of rap by the outspoken internet Diva and the Indian-ness lent by the soulful voices of singers Sadhu Sushil Tiwari and Chaittali. Sprinkled with scenes from the film and showcasing the power of pink, the video presents a joyful camaraderie between the performers. It reveals the joy of education, hope, freedom, and ends with words by Superwoman, which defines every woman, and is sure to resonate in the hearts of the listeners.

There is power in our voice,

Power in our fist,

Power in our hearts,

There is power in our kiss



There is power in our words

Power in our Hugs

Power in our Truth

There is Power in our Love


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‘Gulaab Gang’ is based on women empowerment. Produced by Anubhav Sinha, ‘Gulaab Gang’  and Directed by Soumik Sen is presented by Sahara Movie Studios & Bharat Shah and is a Benaras Mediaworks Production. The film is slated to release on the 7th of March.

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