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*Exclusive Interview* with stylist Sheetal Agheda

Some people are just born with a keen sense of style and amazing fashion sense, but one also needs common sense to make it in this competitive industry.  Creative producer and fashionista, Sheetal Agheda, embodies the perfect blend of style, fashion, and intelligence.  As such, it is no surprise that she is set to bring her style-sensibilities to Bollywood.  Earlier, Sheetal was in the world of PR, and it was her exposure in this area that helped her realize her future was in fashion.  Sheetal started her own fashion company called Serpenti, which was quite successful!  Now, Sheetal is ready to get styling in Bollywood! 

Read on below as she shares her story and even gives must-have fashion tips!

sheetalRoopa: What got you interested in fashion and when did you know you had a creative streak when it came to style? Did you always know you wanted to be in fashion and media?

Sheetal: I started thinking of fashion when I was working as a commercial manager at Asian Woman.  I used to see shoots and just cringe!  I mean, I’m sure they were great for what that audience wanted, but for me personally, there was no class or elegance left!  I guess I like more vintage styling!  So, I started looking at designers here and abroad and started going to Lakme and Wills to see how things really worked. At the time, I was also working with Purru [Raaj Kumar] on a few fashion shows all over the place.  So, I was getting all this free fashion advice from designers and his lovely wife Korajika on how models feel in the mainstream world.

Roopa: You have made quite a name for yourself and the “Serpenti” brand. Now, you will be establishing the brand in Bollywood. Why did you wait on taking up producers on their offers to style their movies? Are there any details you can give us regarding it?

Sheetal: Currently, there are two projects I’m working on – one with a smaller production house (its more creative only) and the other larger and well known!  It’s quite nice for the larger one as I’m actually more involved with the story, and I never really saw myself as much of a creative writer!

I can tell you there will be some well known faces from the UK market being seen in Bollywood soon! *smiles*

Roopa: When styling for the movie, did you have an instant idea of how you wanted to style it after hearing the film narration, and how do you think your initial concept has grown over time?

Sheetal: Ummm, Bollywood isn’t always so clear so most of the time!  You begin with a character reference and you sort of build the character up, and then, if something does change, then it’s last minute improvisation that happens. Dancing sequences are time consuming as the bottom half for girls has to be made to be shot with heels and without.

But, I’ve been lucky, ’cause I’ve been allowed to experiment a lot in most of the projects I’ve worked on!  Plus, I have been able to bring over new designers and a western flare (like using hair chalks which were quite the craze in London over the summer etc.)!

sheetal2Roopa: What are the challenges you have faced as a creative producer? What are some of the highlights of being one?

Sheetal: There are a lot of long hours!  I dunno about high lights – you are responsible for a lot, and some of that stuff is very new to me!  Luckily, I have a great line producer and an amazing producer supporting me so it’s all been a good experience so far!

You do get a better say in casting and visuals. Your vision is heard out as a creative, but on the back hand of that, you do get a lot of slack if it doesn’t work out!  So, you have to get a little thick skinned and be ready for both!

Roopa: Which actors/actresses (either from Hollywood or Bollywood) would you love to style?

Sheetal: I’d love to shoot Vidya Kapoor (Vidya Balan) in Rajasthani wear!  I think she would shoot amazingly and just look so elegant!

As far as Hollywood is concerned, I don’t really have a wish list.  I like smart sophisticated wear, so I would really like to see Gaga in a YEN (Dubai designer)! She’d look amazingly classy!

Roopa: What tips would you give to our readers to find their own style and unique fashion sense?

Sheetal: Find what you are comfortable in – and no, that doesn’t mean joggers and tank tops!  The more baggy or loose-fitting clothes you wear, the more weight you tend to let yourself put on!  Buy jeans that fit you perfectly!  Levi’s do a great curve range for girls!  Find something that controls you.

If you are going to show legs, cover up the chest.  If you are going for a low cleavage, try a longer length or even just jeans!

This is one for the guys – Don’t buy clothes too big for you, even shirts!  If you are on the skinnier side, take advantage of the Zara slim fit!  We tried that out with Mumbai Composer, Eric Pillai, and it looked amazing with his structure!

There are loads of tips I’m going to be sharing on my vlog soon, so keep posted on that!

sheetal3Roopa: What are the three essentials (must haves) that you want in your wardrobe?

Sheetal: My wardrobe is a total experiment!  I love to wear scarves and fabrics that drape nicely, so I have this never ending selection of scarves, pastel jeans and lots of lace!

You have to have that dress that makes you look amazing when all else fails!  I think every girl has that!

A pair of heels that you can walk miles in and still feel great!  Definitely invest in a good pair!  I have loads of shoes, and I love Asos, but sometimes it’s just good to have a pair of LK Bennets that can last forever (I have a pair I’ve been re healing for 4 years now and they are perfect)!

Try to accent your clothing with some color or something that can tie the look together!  I usually use a belt if all else fails (Top Shop (UK) have a great selection of skinny belts on sale at the moment!)

Roopa: Any other projects that you are working on and can share with our readers?

Sheetal: I’m working with a few known designers from Mumbai and Delhi!  We will be hopefully looking at some shows and some shoots with them, and possible tie up with a few UK magazines for the push!  It would just be a nice bridge for Indian designers and London designers in India.

Roopa: Any other message for our readers?

Sheetal: Thank you for all the support!  Be happy with the skin you’re in, and just show a little bit of you no matter what you dress yourself in!

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