Posted on November 10, 2011 at 7:59 pm

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In need of a "Man Date?"

Are you in need of a Man Date? Well you’re in luck, we’ve got two men that can help you out! The first episode of the hilarious new web series, ” ManDate” has just released!

Ian James Ortiz & Zeshan Bhatti have written directed and produced this new web series, which also stars Zeshan Bhatti and Steve White!


The story is based on two friends, Sam and Leon, trying to make the best of their hectic lives in the Big Apple. Many things have happened that has brought them closer together.  With one dedicated day out of their week, they meet to talk about their experiences, relationships, and sex. This day is called ManDate.


Check out episode 1 right here!

ManDate: Episode 1 from Ladonic Productions on Vimeo.


Don’t forget to check out their website for more pictures, news and episodes, just go to: