Posted on October 30, 2011 at 6:33 pm

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Metallica cancels two concerts in India!

Metallica fans went wild this Friday leading the organizers of the show to cancel because it wasn’t a safe environment.

Fans reportedly began to riot, ripping the stage apart, lighting banners on fire, throwing water bottles, damaging equipment, and more when a concert in Guragon was cancelled.  Some of the 25,000 people there to attend the show were injured! Huffington Post says was an issue with the “failure of a security barricade in front of the stage that could not be adequately repaired.”  The barricade was damaged when one gate was opened to concert goers who spent the next couple of hours ignoring “multiple announcements asking them to stand back,” eventually causing the damage. The Metallica concert, their first show in India, was then rescheduled for Saturday night instead.

A later show in Delhi was also cancelled because organizers didn’t obtain proper permits for the show.  Four of the organizers were also arrested and charged with selling tickets to fans after reaching the legal seating limit, and failing to notify Metallica concert goers about the cancellations in a timely manner! How crazy is that!