Posted on October 31, 2011 at 7:46 pm

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Gaga goes Gaga for Bollywood

These days, Hollywood starlets seem to be getting more and more intrigued by Bollywood!  The latest to fall in love with India and the Indian movie industry, is the constantly evolving and unpredictable Lady Gaga herself.  In fact, she’s so in love with India, she’s been tweeting things like, “Screw Hollywood. It’s all about Bollywood.”

Gaga has been in India to talk about her album, “Born This Way” and most recently, to perform at Arjun Rampal’s closing party for India’s inaugural Grand Prix.  In fact, she surprised audiences by performing on piano and having a sitar accompany her!

Said Rampal prior to her performance, “We have the best performer in the house for the party! I saw her rehearsals and she has prepared the best. She has planned a nice single which she has never performed before. It’s from her new album and she especially prepared for her fans here. She will also sing with a sitar player to add some Indian element.” 

While in India she’s been busy on the talk show circuit and has also released a remix of “Born This Way” that has been given the Salim-Sulaiman magic touch.  Gaga also disclosed details about her new video, “Marries the Night.”

Check out Gaga’s latest twitter pic from India:

Behind the Scene Picture from the after party: